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Your story deserves to be told in a safe place

Personal growth starts with you-guidance helps!

Free Yourself 

I can help you out with that.

You're probably here because you're not ok with missing out on your best life. I believe that within- you have all that you need. We humans get stuck or lost at times. Together, we can find the light to pave the way for healing to shine through. 

I support adults, teens, and couples through integrated therapeutic services

Hey, come sit with me!

When in doubt, talk it out! having a trained professional in your support system can shift perspective.

Psychotherapy and EMDR

I am no stranger to hard things. Battling dragons takes WILL, and it is my honor to roll up my sleeves to help light the WAY. 
I commend you for showing up for yourself by seeking therapy.

I believe in authenticity

I'm Blair. I am a tough cookie single mom

Hey, brave

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